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This is a place to buy and sell your used panties/ [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
This is a place to buy and sell your used panties/

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Sexy Girl with Dirty Panties (and I love doing naughty Photo requests!) [Feb. 21st, 2017|10:00 pm]
This is a place to buy and sell your used panties/
[Current Location |United Kingdom]

Pretty 21 year old, horny most of the time, I really get off touching myself in my dirty panties.
I'm all by myself, send me something to cum over at: sexyassandlegssarah@gmail.com
You can have my Panties with my cum in for £19, with free postage.
Additional request or additional days wear £4 for each day/request.
Custom photos 15 from your brief description £19. (I love doing naughty pics!)
Flirty strip video £19. Pussy Lolly £10.
Additional photo requests £4 for each more elaborate requests.
Thanks, Sarah xxx

Message me: sexyassandlegssarah@gmail.com

Want to see a video of my ass? Message me: sexyassandlegssarah@gmail.com

Would you lick these panties? ;-P sexyassandlegssarah@gmail.com

I love fingering myself. Want to see me cum? Message me: sexyassandlegssarah@gmail.com




Like feet? I'm your girl... sexyassandlegssarah@gmail.com

Let me know what you would do to my ass sexyassandlegssarah@gmail.com

Like the look of my pussy in my knickers? I want you to sniff them :-) sexyassandlegssarah@gmail.com

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Alex Fellows [Feb. 21st, 2017|05:12 pm]
This is a place to buy and sell your used panties/

Hello Gents I am Alex 19 years half princess half chavetee lol
Selling my private used sweet warm worn underwear
All undies are posted and sealed to hold in my sweet sticky scent
You will be heads for your cock for my panties
I also like to show myself on cam and do videos for all your horny gents
I am a big public fan and nothing gets my going more if I have to do a video in public
I can also sell you other stuff from toys time of the month stuff and mistress items
please message me and i will help you on your hard cumming journey
Talk soon guys requests and messages
to missprincesschavy@gmail.com

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21 Curvy Lass [Feb. 21st, 2017|01:10 pm]
This is a place to buy and sell your used panties/


For all your used knickers videos photos message me
21 cute curvy lass from Manchester
Chat soon xxxxxxx
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Period panties anyone? [Feb. 19th, 2017|09:22 am]
This is a place to buy and sell your used panties/

Hey guys and gals,

I'm lucy, I'm 21 and based in the north of England. I'm a curvy size 14 with 36c boobs!

I'm currently on my period so regular panties are a no go for this week BUT I can do you special period panties instead ;)

Period panties are �21, and will have blood stains

Sanitary towels are also available individually at �15.

Other items such as sexting, phone sex and dom services are still also available!

All prices include items sent in a sealed plastic bag, and sent in a plain padded envelope!

Payment accepted through PayPal, amazon gc or circle

Drop me a message at lucy.griffin080@gmail.com or on kik @ lucy.griffin</

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Filthy panties [Feb. 17th, 2017|10:55 pm]
This is a place to buy and sell your used panties/
I'm waiting... who wants to make me cum and buy my filthy panties, socks and sex toys. Give me your requests... I want to have some fun!

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(no subject) [Feb. 17th, 2017|05:12 pm]
This is a place to buy and sell your used panties/

athletic size 8 21 year old
Selling scented panties and thongs from £15, with first class postage and pictures. Other items available too.
Special requests welcomed, I want to help fulfil your fantasies...

Email me if interested gracenelson@outlook.com

Talk soon, L xx

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Exotic 18yr old college student [Feb. 16th, 2017|02:18 pm]
This is a place to buy and sell your used panties/


take a look at my reddit post to see pictures and pricing. 

Email: janerone930@yahoo.com

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Ebony Panties.......Dripping Wet For 2017 [Feb. 15th, 2017|10:35 pm]
This is a place to buy and sell your used panties/
[mood |thankfulthankful]

Hi, I’m a curvaceous ebony woman.

I’m selling my used often moist panties, as well as pussychiefs, stockings, tights, ass pops and pussy pops.

Can you put them to good use? Would you like to smell and taste my essence?

Panties, Tights and kerchiefs will be worn for as long as you request.

Panties £12 including discrete P & P.
Tights £10 including discrete P & P.
Stockings £15 including discrete P & P.
Ass Pops £9 including discrete P & P.
Pussy Pops £8 including discrete P & P.
Pussychief £10 including discrete P & P.

Will consider doing Returns, contact me and we can discuss.

Will also consider selling my used Tampons and/or Sanitory Pads, contact me for more details.


Contact Me : pantylicious132@gmail.com



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Bored and horny [Feb. 15th, 2017|01:25 pm]
This is a place to buy and sell your used panties/
Hi Boys

I'm a 37 year old amateur married woman who loves being slutty with all you filthy boys.
I'm a size 12 with natural fabulous 34F breasts.

I keep anonymous but I could be anyone...your work colleague/best friend's wife/that woman you see on the train everyday????

You can own a pair of my filthy panties...£15 for 1 pair or £25 for 2 pairs.

This price includes 24 hours wear, 10 emailed photos of me in your chosen panties and playing with myself in them.  It also includes 1st class post.

I make no extra charges for pee stains or masturbation, just request it when making your order.

I also have lots of naughty videos of me being very bad (y
ou could be moments away from seeing me get dirty).
hey can be emailed through to you as soon as payment has been made.
3 for £10 or 5 for £15.

I take my payments by Paypal to keep your money safe.

If you like what you see contact me on:


Kelly xxx

Please note - I only supply persons over 18. Do not contact me if you are under 18.
By contacting me I am assuming you are over 18.
Thank you xx
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