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This is a place to buy and sell your used panties/ [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
This is a place to buy and sell your used panties/

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Bank Holiday Bonanza on BBW Dirty Knickers! [May. 23rd, 2015|03:36 pm]
This is a place to buy and sell your used panties/

Bonus - All custom video and photos ordered before Midnight tonight (Saturday 23rd May 2015) will be created and sent out by 1am!

It's the Bank Holiday Weekend so why not treat yourself to a pair of my used dirty sexy knickers? As it's the Bank Holiday all orders of my knickers will include a free pussy pop. That is in addition to a short hand written note and some sexy photos of me wearing them.

So that's just £15 for a pair of my knickers, a pussy pop, some photos, and a hand written note.

Or for just £20 I'll also send you a short cheeky personalised video (around 60 seconds) or an ass pop, along with everything else!

To order email

Some of you are asking who I am selling my knickers here online. I'm a size 20 30something burlesque performer and occasional plus size fetish model. I've massive E cup boobs and just about everywhere that can be pierced is most certainly pierced ;)

I'm also something of a dominatrix so if you want me to be your virtual Mistress get in touch.

I sell my knickers as it gives me a kick knowing you are out there enjoying them ;) I also sell my dirty stockings, tights, worn socks, and even my bras.

I'm open to ANY requests as I totally utterly unshockable so try me today. I'm also very fetish friendly!

I offer custom photo sets for £1 a photo (minimum order of 5 pictures) or 15 for £10. Please let me know EXACTLY what you'd like to see in each photo when ordering. There is an additional cost for fetish content.

I also do custom videos from £7 a minute, £15 for 3 minutes, £25 for 5 minutes or £40 for 10 minutes.

Please note that all my video and photo content is only done to order so please allow 24 hours for them to be filmed and uploaded to you. I don't keep prerecorded videos just to ensure that personal touch!

Remember email me to order.

N aka The Panty Mistress x

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no title
no title

My VIDEO advert (proving beyond doubt that I'm the real deal in used knickers):

Remember email to order!
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Wet wet wetter ;) [May. 23rd, 2015|01:01 pm]
This is a place to buy and sell your used panties/


Sexy UK girl
25 :)
Size 8
Smooth wet sexy pussy

Phone sex

All from £10 come message me
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** Period Panties** [May. 23rd, 2015|09:21 am]
This is a place to buy and sell your used panties/

Hi All,

It's that time of the month again! So if period pants are your kink drop me a line!

Look forward to hearing from you x
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Horny, Wet, Waiting [May. 22nd, 2015|10:33 am]
This is a place to buy and sell your used panties/

Sexy UK girl size 8 34dd boobs smooth wet delicious pussy.

I'm up for anything and love nothing more than turning your fantasies into realities ;-)
Nothing all offend me :) don't be shy!
Chat soon love willow xx

Phone sex

From £10

All available now :)
Email me
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Wanna chat? [May. 20th, 2015|06:44 pm]
This is a place to buy and sell your used panties/
Hello Boys and girls!
so I have some free time at the moment and was wondering if anyone would like to help me fill it. ;) If you fancy a discretely naughty kik chat, role play or even a pair of my filthy panties email me @

I will be waiting ;)
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(no subject) [May. 19th, 2015|07:23 pm]
This is a place to buy and sell your used panties/

My name is Anna and I'm moving to University soon so I want to earn a little bit of money, I'm a little nervous about doing this, but hopefully I'll be good at it...

I'll start by telling you a little about myself; I'm 18, blonde and short, I love reading and watching netflix. I'm a bit of a nerd, but I do like to get a little naughty sometimes. I want to sell my underwear because the idea of being able to give my dirty panties to others makes me happy, and a little excited. I hope it makes you excited also.

I am new to this, so please be kind, and contact me at:

for any details or for anything you might want to purchase.


Anna :3
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naughty bored housewife ;) [May. 19th, 2015|06:41 pm]
This is a place to buy and sell your used panties/
I am a 39 year old Naughty housewife looking to make my panties absolutely filthy! I am a sexy Big Breasted Brunette who loves to get naughty!

I get bored during my weekly routine when my husband and kids are away and love nothing more than pleasuring myself for you, Nothing will shock me! all requests will be considered! The dirtier the better!

I particularly love selling my used panties, pussy pops, bras, tights, socks, Ass pops, Toys, as well as financial domination, domination and role play services. I love being part of such a community of naughty like minded people!

for more information and to buy my soaked treats,
I will be waiting ;)
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(no subject) [May. 19th, 2015|05:46 pm]
This is a place to buy and sell your used panties/
Calling all Pantie enthusiasts

Please come and buy our soaking and sweet smelling garments, with the stress of exams coming up, we've been very busy relieving ourselves the only way we know how...

So that means we have a lot of very wet panties.

Get in touch at

Trixie and Vicki
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MY DIRTY KNICKERS AND VIDS [May. 18th, 2015|11:15 pm]
This is a place to buy and sell your used panties/

I'm a 26 year old professional wanting to sell my used knickers. It's been one of my fantasies for years and I get a massive thrill out of guys wanking and sniffing my dirty underwear.

If you're interested in purchasing my filthy knickers please contact me through email.

I've kindly added a price list for you below so it saves time and you get your knickers quicker.
I will also hold your name up in pics to prove I'm genuine.

Price list
2 pictures including P&P
24 hour worn underwear - £15
Socks - £10
Tights - £10

To add
squirted in - £5
Arse scented - £5
Masturbated in - £5
Worn for more than 24hours - £5
Pee'd in - £5
Videos - £7 for 1 minute or £15 for 3 minutes
Extra items including used toys - £20

No time wasters please.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Scarlett xxx
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Update - Liars and Theives [May. 16th, 2015|09:22 pm]
This is a place to buy and sell your used panties/
Hi All.

Sorry to flood the forum with warnings. It really is just to protect everyone from the few dishonest people and also to encourage purchases from legitimate seller like LauraLouUndies. :) She's incredible!

So I've just been asked about two of teh names I have named as being fake by someone who says they have purchased fromn them. I thought it was worth spreading my answer to everyone.

Do you have a list of confirmed real accounts? Are these accounts that do not send anything? Because I have purchased from Lucy King and Dirtyprincess4u in the past and received my orders both times.

Hi. Thanks for your email. I've had lots of great feedback and these two email addresses come up quite frequently.

Basically, the girl in the photos is not the person selling panties. Those photos have been downloaded from the interent somewhere and the fraudster says it is her. When you buy from her you get worn knickers but they are not of the girl in the photos. If you ask for a proof pic she sends you a close up pic of the side of her face, holding a bit of paper with her name or message on it. The message written on the paper had been photoshoped and she has used the same photo for several people. It's very clever and she is obviously very calculating in her actions which why she isn't just an opportunist. She (or perhaps it is a he, who knows?) is a nasty piece of work who has been lying to people for goodness know how long.

The best advice I can give you is to ask for a proof pic, but get her to do something unique. For example, ask her to plae a pencil behind her ear and then take a photo. Or ask her to take a photo whilst holding something totally mundane in her hand. In other words, something that you can't easily download. If she doesn't want to show her face, get her to write something directly onto her body or something so it can't be photoshoped easily. This way you'll know the women in the pic is exactly who you are buying from.

Goodness knows how much money she has stolen from people. It's just a terrible awful shame that a handful of dishonest people have ruined it for everyone else.

I can confirm however that LauraLouUndies is genuine and the hottest women on here.

Hope this email helps people out. Good luck, be safe and enjoy yourselves!
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